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Greece is a country well known for its extraordinary beauty and one of the things that make her so magical: its magnificent islands. People from all over the world travel to experience their beauty!

The islands, although more than two hundred, are all different. Every single one of them with its special scenery, culture, people and of course its shape, is a place unlike any other in this world.

Visitors, travellers, explorers cherish this uniqueness and we want to capture this element so as to last forever!

What is the product?

The unique shape of every island turns into a beautiful souvenir.

The precision of the outline, the uniqueness of each shape and the simplicity of the design guarantee that this souvenir is as stunning as the experience that you have acquired in this greek island.

So Shapes and Lines is our name because that's exactly what we celebrate and treasure from every island. A shape that creates the framework and invites you to place inside your love for this island and all the memories you were blessed with!

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A: P.C. 25100, Aigio

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A: P.C. 5390, Ammohostos

T: +357 97727730

E: n.andriopoulos@shapesandlines.cy

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